Meet Jah Crystal

Who We Are

Greetings, We are Jah Crystal, primordial femme creator. We move in our psychic gifts as a spiritual healer, traditional herbalist and designer. We were born psychic with memories and use our gift to elevate your living and maximize your home's spiritual potential.

What We Do

We create energy herbal formulas for your healing and wellness. We guide you to soul freedom! We give you personalized spiritual guidance for sacred living. We help you to create your sacred space for environmental support.

Why We Do

You deserve love, nurturing, and guidance. You've finally found me! Now give your heart what you need right now. Ignore the naysayers and just schedule.



" Thank u so much for your time in reaching out to me. U are head on with....", client LW.

"Crystal, thanks for all the lessons and encouragement. There are no words to say thank you!.... ", client FB.

*All clients info remain private.


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