Daily Spiritual Elevation

Daily Spiritual Elevation

Learn to Rise Above & Resurrect Your Soul

4 Daily Issues We Must Master

When you get those face in the palm moments and feel overwhelmed at simple thoughts developing lack of focus we teach you simple steps to use your innate psychic soul abilities to rise above with:

  1. intentional thought
  2. daily journaling
  3. music treatment

When you become stressed or annoyed from repetitive outward disturbances and develop repressed anger we teach you to use your innate psychic abilities to rise above with:

  1. Kemetic breathing
  2. creative focus
  3. mindful skills

When you are prone to daily absorption of negative emotions and thought patterns from other beings developing fear and anxieties within your aura we teach you to use your innate psychic abilities to rise above with:

  1. expanding your perception
  2. standing in your soul truth
  3. effectively letting go

When you experience daily cycles of disappointments developing frustration and hurt we teach you to rise above with:

  1. Visualization
  2. Creation
  3. Nourishment

We Must Rise Above

Group sessions are a wonderful way to rise above by exploring your soul power and grow into your psychic gifts. Read info here on how to be the first to sign up.

Private sessions are invaluable to your elevation. Rise above now by placing your journey into high gear to accelerate your movements and elevation.

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