Sacred Spiritual Services

Spiritual Reading & Guidance

Allow me to light the fire for you to clearly see your divine journey and be motivated for healing, wellness, transition, and greatness.

Energy Healing

Healing energy, energy cleansing, plus psychic soul abilities are combined within an hour to strengthen your spiritual body and soul allowing the release of trapped emotions for healing. Individual Session or Parent & Child Session.

Guided Meditation

Guidance comes here in the form of meditation. Experience complete calm and serenity as you allow your spirit to be intuitively guided into a higher realm of existence for greater insight and peace of your Being all within only 30 mintues.

Spiritual Guidance & Custom Herbal Formulation

The best choice you have ever made to elevate your healing and bring you to complete wellness: gain spiritual and personal insight to your being with a full psychic energy reading and healing session plus a personal developed herbal care guide with recipes and recommendations to start your journey.

Space & Aura Cleansing

We cleanse the energy in your home and in your aura or family's energy field then link the 2 for balance, nurturing, and productivity. Session can go up to 3 hours and price varies by amount of family members. Pro Bono rates available now!

Sacred Psychic Home Design

Full intake session to link the energy field of your space or home to your energy field. Session includes space clearing, personal psychic reading, plus vibrational total design analysis of home or space using Earth coordinates, lay lines or energy reading, star alignments, color, materials, and energy flow.  Pro Bono rates available now! 

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We Offer Income Based Fees for Affordability